Piel Canela Dance Company was founded in October of the year 2000.
We are always looking for new committed, loyal and energetic members that will join our family of dancers for years to come as we begin our 18th season. Our 17th Season included an amazing array of high exposure shows and events. We continue to grow our dance company to new levels by taking on new dancers, adding new choreography, training our dancers in different styles of dance, and exposing our dancers to different instructors, and performance opportunities. We have traveled the world spreading our love for the arts, and educating the world on our latin dance and music. We have participated in most of the major Salsa congresses around the United states and around the world. We strive to educate all of our dancers on what it means to be part of a team and how to help others. We have a strong team mentality in our company and we trust in this value to keep our group strong and undivided. We are looking for dancers eager to train hard and learn about all aspects of Bachata. Eager to learn about the dance, eager to learn about the artists, the culture and the history not just choreography. If this is what interests you than this is the team for you! Looking for for both men and women to audition.

Auditions will be held on :
Monday May 21 8:30pm
Saturday June 9 6:30pm
Tuesday June 12 8:30pm


1.RECENT Headshot can be emailed to today or tomorrow
2.RECENT full body-shot can be emailed to today or tomorrow
3.Youtube link: Of any recent performances (if available)
7.Dance Backround: Consisting of: How long you have been dancing salsa on2, or Bachata have you been a part of any other dance teams and if yes, for how long? Do you have training in other types of dance- if yes, what styles and how long?

What are some of the requirements?
At least 5 hours per week of rehearsal training
PCD Students level 3 and above and/or
Dancing BACHATA for 1 year or more
Prior performance experience is preferred but not mandatory
Be available and able to travel
Be willing to train for dance tricks and aerials
Ladies, high kicks, splits and extensions physically fit a plus
Men, flexibility and physically fit a plus
(email us questions if any of the above is something you have not yet achieved but are willing to work on).

What teams/level do we offer?
Piel Canela Proferssional Dance Team
Piel Canela Semi-Profesional Dance Team
Piel Canela Student Dance Team
Piel Canela Youth Team "Alma" for ages 13-18



Everyone who joins our dance company regardless of level will be training with the Director/Founder, Joe Burgos and Co-Director Bianca Soto. 



When are rehearsals?


Salsa Student team: Friday 3:00pm-6:00pm and Sunday 2:30pm-5:00pm

Salsa Semi-Pro Team: Mondays & Wednesdays 9:30pm-11:00pm and Saturdays or Sundays 5:30pm-8:30pm

Salsa Pro team: Tuesdays & Thursday 9:30pm-11:00pm and Sundays 1:00pm- 4:00pm




Today's Schedule
Sun 20.01.19
2 :00 - 3:00 pm
Level 1
3 :00 - 4:30 pm
Level 1
3 :00 - 4:30 pm
Level 3
4 :00 - 5:30 pm
Salsa Level 1
4 :30 - 6:00 pm
Level 2




New Salsa On2 Card

New Group Membership

New Winter Special



JOE's Bday Bash
Fri, Jan 25
Doors open at 6pm


FRI, Feb 1


FRI, Jan 25




Piel Canela Pro
"Yo Quisiera"



Interview of
Joe & Bianca





Flamenco Party
Live musician
Dec 11


Salsa & Bachata
Jan 4