pro Am Program

Our Pro-Am program (short for Professional-Amateur) Is an extension of our recital program. You can think of it as our version of Dancing with the stars. You'll have the opportunity to perform with one of our professional dancers with a choreography specifically catered to you. This is a 8 week program that allows the student to study a choreography with the help of two of our dance company members. For more information 212-924-6160 or email at

How much is the Pro-Am training program?
The cost of this program is $2,000

What does the price of the program include?
1) Choreography Fee
2) Music Editing Fee
3) Studio floor fees
4) Custom made costume with Swarovski Crystals
5) Dance Shoes
6) Professional Dance Partner to train with
7) Professional Choreographer to work with

How long are the routines?
Routines for all Pro-Am's are 1 minute and 30 seconds in length.

Do I have to pay additional fees for my partners costume?
No, no additional fees are needed for the costume of the Professional dancer you will be paired up with.

How many Performances will my partner and I do and where?
Within the Pro-Am program you will have a total of 4 Shows at various venues and socials. Bookings for these shows will be done by the Piel Canela office accordingly.

Bookings for the Pro-Am Program can be made by emailing
Let us know the following information: Your full name, gender, Style of dance you'd like to train in and your preferred instructor*. Please note that not all of our instructors take part in this program and wwe might have to assign you another partner*. If you do not have an instructor you would prefer we will assign one based on your needs.

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