que Rico Mambo

Our very own Off-Off-Broadway shows:

Que Rico Mambo 1: The Beginning (2007) A look inside Piel Canela Dance Company and the behind scenes preparation for our first off-Broadway show

Que Rico Mambo 2: Ayer y Hoy (2009) Our second dance off Broadway production focused on the last 25 years of salsa What happened after the Palladium? The ups and downs of mambo in our lifetime, what new bands, clubs, sounds came about after the 60's

Que Rico Mambo 3: Romantico (2013) Take a trip down memory lane, and fall in love again to the latin music of the 80's.

Que Rico Mambo return July 12 & 13, 2013
To be held at the Iconic Apollo Theatre 253 W 125th Street
Tickets going on sale soon!!

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Tue 01.12.20



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