Congreso Mundial de la Salsa

Puerto Rico!!

Our entire Dance Company is returning to Ponce but first San Juan, join our group as we arrive early to take in San Juan before the congress.  
Leave as early as July 4 and head back July 14, let us help you with accommodations, transport and sight seeing in "La Isla del Encanto"
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Arrive before the Congress San Juan

Thursday, July 4, is Independence Day

July 4, 2024, lands on a Thursday, if you're not working or working remotely why not arrive before the congress and take in all that San Juan has to offer.  Some will remain on a beach, others will explore the local sites and still others will travel into Puerto Rico to unveil the inner island's culinary delights and sights.
Stay within your budget by using an AirBnB in Isla Verde, San Juan which you can book on your own or we can help you.
There will be pre-parties every night in San Juan as of July 3, our group is encouraged to stay close to better communication once we head to eat, sightsee, or just hang out.

Head to the Congress Transport and Hotel

We will discuss this more in detail in the Whats App Chat

Thursday, July 11, we will share the cost of transportation to Ponce as we settle in at the beautiful Ponce Plaza Hotel as the Congreso Mundial officially starts.
Hotel Cost is built into the FULL Congress Pass
$399 includes your 4 day/3 night stay plus up to 4 Full Passes for up to 4 guests staying together in one room or stay in your own room and only receive one congress Full Pass.
FULL PASS includes all socials, workshops, competitions, performer's passes and NEW this year it will include a City Tour & a Salsa Tour plus buffet dinner on Saturday Gala Night, oh and a bar hopping bus on Sunday, July 14.

For the Locals Passes Only

Only recommended for guests living in Puerto Rico

We strongly recommend staying at the Ponce Plaza the official Hotel of the Salsa Congress. Airbnb is good for San Juan but last year we noticed a few of our guests were not happy with the Ponce Airbnbs so best to stay in the luxury of Ponce Plaza - besides it's your vacation.
If you decide not to stay at the Ponce Plaza and prefer an Airbnb in Ponce or if you live in Puerto Rico then you can just buy a full pass without the hotel for $199 per person

Frequently Asked Questions

About the StaY

Why should I go early?

Yes, last year some guests went only to Ponce, and missed out on beaches, eatery and comraderie with the group.  So if your budget allows join us early in San Juan.

Should I stay at Hotel or Airbnb?

In San Juan (a major city) an Airbnb meets expectations and can stretch your budget vs a hotel.  In Ponce it's best to stay at Hotel

Should I rent a car?

We can make that decision once we're there but it will be discussed further in the Whats App chat so we can coordinate everyone pending interests in Puerto Rico - last year majority just wanted to stay on beach

Do I need a passport?

US Citizens do not but are encouraged to bring, a Driver's License will suffice.  For all others please check with your country's regulations, PR is a territory of the US but you don't want to get stuck down there - so triple check

About the COngress

Do I have to buy Hotel and Congress Pass separately?

No, its all included in the $399 cost for the weekend

Is Congress taking place in Ponce Plaza Hotel?

No the congress is taking place at the Complejo Ferial de Puerto Rico, a 20 min drive from the hotel.  We will have more info on the transport provided by congress and our own personal transport as the date draws nearer.

Will there be workshops?

Yes, workshops from instructors from all over the world are included in the Full Pass

Do I have to pay extra to compete?

No, it's already included, so its a great way to get into your first competition!  Perfomer's passes are also included in the full pass/ hotel package