Dance Company

Joe and Bianca have been known to bring their chemistry and spark to stages worldwide spreading their mutual love for latin dance, music and culture. The secret to their success is their hard work and genuine love for the arts as well as bringing together the latino and non-latino community alike. They wish to continue bringing their talent and offering affordable programs to people of all ages for the years to come. Since it’s inception in october of 2000 Piel Canela has performed in over 20 countries with participation in every major salsa congress, and a very long list of corporate clients. We offer choreographed dance shows, dance lessons, and freestyle dancing in every major latin dance. We also can provide full event planning and entertainment services including (but not limited to): dancers, instructors, bands, DJs, and catering services.

Piel Canela Dance Company

Professional Salsa Dance Team

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Professional Bachata Dance Team

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Professional All Ladies Dance Team

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Student Salsa Dance Team

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Student Bachata Dance Team

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Student All Ladies Dance Team

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Students' Story

Piel Canela opened its doors in October of 2000, but as students quickly went up the dance class ladder, it quickly became apparent that students wanted to learn more.  Getting to perform was also amongst the dance goals they wanted to achieve.  Lastly, students wanted to perform at the new Salsa Congresses that were popping up everywhere in both national and international venues.  

Their Problem

Back in 2000 we didn't have enough students to open and maintain higher level classes.  Salsa Congresses were new but few at the time so we needed more venues to have performances.  Students expected us to continue challenging them and traveling for dance was a great opportunity to dance with other dance lovers from other places around the world.

Our Solution

Back in 2000 we gathered the best students in the school that were equal minded in their desire to push themselves to a new dance level. A group of committed, loyal and work minded students that wanted to achieve more, that wanted to perform, and travel to showcase their choreographies and socialize with different dance communities throughout the world. This group laid the foundation for our Dance Company.