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How best to get started

One Drop In class



  • Drop into any one class
  • Valid for any Level Class
  • Best if you are only planning on taking 1-2 classes a week 

Pay As You Go vs Unlimited Memberships

Pay as you go

Best for students that don't have the time and ability to commit to a series of classes.  Be aware that it can quickly add up, so if you're planning on taking more than two classes a week, it's best to get more value by being Unlimited

Unlimited Memberships

Best for students that want to take as many classes as possible in a month.  It gives students what they need the most - repetition.  Take any dance style, any level and get the weekly practice parties and a second card for a teenager for FREE

Unlimited Memberships

SPecial Offer




  • For New Students
  • Open Level Classes
  • Level 1 Classes Only

Extension Offer



  • For Continuing Students
  • Add 2 more months
  • Open Level Classes
  • Level 1 Classes 
  • Level 2 Classes

VIP Membership




  • For Commited Students
  • Open Level Classes
  • All Levels 
  • Add a Teenager for Free
  • Weekly Practice Parties are included

We pride ourselves in providing the best value for dance classes in New York City.
We get it dance classes are expensive so let's get you started on the best plan for you 

My Story

I always enjoyed dancing.  As a child I grew up in a very festive family that always wanted to host parties.  I mean my family was the only ones that had a house so it became known that any family gathering was happening at our home.  As a young adult I quickly took to the dance scene by attending family gatherings, school parties and social gathering amongst friends - but I needed more.

I began taking dance classes, but no one had ever mentioned how fast you would want to take as many as you could and that in the end you could not get enough to satisfy the dance hunger growing inside.  Unfortunately my budget didn't allow me to take all the unlimited classes I wish I could have.  I always yearned for more.

Your Problem

  Most students fall in love with our dance classes only to be cut short due to their budgets.  Everyone wants to learn as many dance styles as possible yet their pockets don't agree.  

Our Solution

I always promised myself that If I was to own a dance school I would make it affordable for all to enjoy.  We get it, it's expensive, but we'll offer you the most amount of value we can.  We offer Unlimited Memberships, Class Packages and Special Offers to match your budget.  If you have no budget then we offer Work Study programs so that all can learn how to dance